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Originally from Mumbai(Bombay), Bollywood choreographer and Zumba Fitness Instructor Anjali Savla is a pioneer of Bollywood Dancing in Singapore. Founder and Artistic Director of Bolly Dancing Singapore and Co-Director of Bolly Dancing Mumbai, Anjali combines her formal Indian classical dance training with 15 years of contemporary Western dance and fitness experience. Her ‘East Meets West’ dance fusion and unending love for Indian music are appealing to all dance fitness fans and have created awareness about benefits of Bollywood Dance & Zumba Fitness island-wide.

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Confidence is the key to success. However, confidence comes with a healthy body and mind; which is what Chitra believes in. As someone who once weighed 65kgs, overweight for her built, she started Zumba with the aim of shedding some unwanted weight. As she worked towards her goal, achieving the fitter her, she managed to lose 15 kgs! During this journey, she discovered that Zumba had become a passion rather than a mere workout session. This is what pursued her to take up the Zumba Fitness & Toning certification.

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To me DANCE is the ultimate form of Expression, a Motivation, and definitely a PASSION.

I started learning Indian Classical dance (Kuchipudi & Bharatanatyam) at the age of 4 and continued to pursue the art for many years. I actively participated in various cultural events and fests during my school and college days. Having lived in Istanbul, Lagos previously and now Singapore, I also had the opportunity to learn other forms of dance including Salsa, Hip-Hop and Contemporary and attend workshops conducted by Terence Lewis Academy.

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Faiz Aman

Faiz started his fitness career after he left the aviation industry. With a simple intention, he aims to help people stay happy and positive. Having a strong determination, he strive to help people achieve their goals and to see life changing results. Faiz believes that fitness is not just for people who are fit, but for everyone who wants a healthy mind, body and soul.

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Hi! I'm Haikal! I'm a sports and fitness enthusiast. Since young, I have been active in various sports, and was even in the national junior rowing team. However, in my university years, I struggled to regain my fitness levels after a serious sports injury, sustained from playing football and rugby, forced me to stop engaging in these activities. This changed when I discovered Zumba in 2009. I was addicted to its exhilarating classes, which combined my love for fitness and dance.

Now, I continue to enjoy Zumba as an instructor. With an outgoing personality and injecting creative ideas into my classes, I seek to make every class an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Jarren is no stranger to the dancing community. At age 10 he started doing competitive ballroom dancing, representing Singapore in almost every category.

In 2012, Jarren was ranked number one in the junior under 16 category in all of Singapore. Things didn't stop there though.

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NurhaYati Loh

Nurhayati (Yati Loh) is a successful participant of Singapore Health Promotion Board’s Lose to Win programme 2012. Having effectively lost over 20kgs within one year with mindful eating and regular exercise, she now leads Zumba classes to manage her weight and maintain her healthy lifestyle, a real life example to encourage more individuals to work towards a more active and fulfilling way of life.

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Siti Zhywee

If we could describe someone who is graceful, energetic, perky, cheerful and fun in 2 words, we would say Siti Zhywee.
Having an experience of a decade in dancing, she hails from a background of being a Chief Fitness Trainer in Singapores biggest weight management program by Health promotion board for more than 2000 participants. At Bolly Dancing Studio, she has been a crowd-favorite and always in demand.

Her specialties include Bootcamp, Zumba, Bokwa, kickboxing, strength training, aerobics, dance fitness and fitness/nutrition workshops and many more.

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Sonia Khatwani

Dancing is a Passion for Me! It's something that I feel I will be incomplete without. Dance is a Great Outlet for Expression for Each individual." - Sonia

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Professions: Choreographer, Dance Teacher

Other Styles: Bollywood/Indian, Hip-Hop, Modern, K-pop, Zumba, KpopX

Personal Details

Theeya is a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor at Bolly Dancing Studio. Inspired by what she saw on television, she started exploring different dance genres at three years old. Seeing her interest and potential, her parents signed her up for Classical Indian dance. As a teen, she aspired to perform in front of a large crowd and spread the happiness she felt from dancing. Today, Theeya has acccomplished all that and more. She is the leader of a local K-POP dance crew, CL1MAX, who have participated and won several competitions. She is also certified to teach Zumba and Kpop-X and has been teaching and bringing the same enthusiasm and happiness for dance to her students in Bolly Dancing Studio since 2013.

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Cheryl Wong

Cheryl Wong has always been a dance and fitness enthusiast since back in her school days where she would perform for school events! On entering the Corporate world, she started with Company D&Ds.

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Eddie Tham

Eddie Tham is an energetic and highly motivated fitness instructor with all round experience spanning from KpopX fitness, Zumba and Latin Ballroom. He has been featured in 2 promotional videos for Kpop highway radi USA, Dancing king-EXO, Fire- BTS and has also been featured in KpopX Fitness Choreography Video filming for various numbers
Actively participated in KPopX events for fund raising and National Day.

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