Membership Packages

Limited Classes Packages are recommended for participants who wish to attend classes generally once a week. However, there are no restrictions and you are free to attend as many classes of ANY type on ANY day.

With Limited Classes Package you can buy a fixed number of classes as per your preference.

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48 classes $595
24 classes $375
12 classes
Flexi package
12 classes $199
8 classes $159
Valid for 9 months
+ 2 months travel extension*
Valid for 6 months
+ 1 months travel extension*

Valid for 6 months

Valid for 12 weeks
+ 1 month travel extension*

Valid for 8 weeks

Enjoy unlimited classes every month in our studio! Unlimited packages allow to get upto 2 bookings everyday!

Choose to attend ANY type of regular class or timing available at Bolly Dancing Studio.

BollyDancing Choreo | Bolly Dazz® Fitness | Zumba Fitness | Zumba Toning | Piloxing | STRONG by Zumba | POUND Rockout Workout | Nirvana |

1 Year Unlimited
+ 2 Months Travel Extension*
6 Months Unlimited
+ 1 Month Travel Extension*
Effective $140 per month
3 Months Unlimited
+ 15 Days Travel Extension*
2 Months Unlimited $345
1 Month Unlimited $195
Monthly Payment:$150
1st Payment $300.00 (1st Month Fee + Deposit for 12th Month)
Then $150.00 per month, for 10 installments payable at studio.

Easy Payment Option
$420.00 SGD for the first month
Then $420.00 SGD after 1 month payable at studio.

Effectively $160 per month

Effectively $173 per month
Travel extension not applicable

Travel extension not applicable

Payment by Bank Transfer

"Bolly Dancing Pte Ltd - OCBC Bank (7339) 629128695001"


We are a travel-friendly Studio and we understand that you may need to travel for work or leisure. Based on travel proof, we can allow the extension on your package so that you do not miss out on any classes. You can email your travel details to us at [email protected] Processing charges of $5 per extension request will be levied, so we advise you to send in ONE consolidated request for all travel within your package duration. Be sure to send in your request 7 days before your package ends... READ MORE

The daily limit for the Unlimited packages is for the benefit of all our members. It'll create a more equal opportunity field for everyone and the cap will ensure that everyone gets the chance to attend the classes they really want.

No, this restriction is only placed on packages bought 22nd April onwards.

As the cap has been added to the system, it will just limit every member to getting two confirmed bookings every day.

As the system cannot allow the same member to have more that 2 confirmed classes, your 3rd class instead of getting confirmed, got deleted from the system. It's best to delete one of your confirmed bookings before the third class gets confirmed if that's the one you really wish to attend.

As you all have access to the app, we request you to check your wait list position on it. In case you feel its too high, you could cancel and book another class for the same day.

Fantastic classes at fabulous prices!

With classes at assorted times running every day of the week and a range of prices and packages to suit all budgets, your fitness schedule is as flexible as you’ll soon be!

Contact Info

Bolly Dancing Studio (Singapore)
261 Waterloo Street
#01-12 Waterloo Centre
Singapore, 180261
Phone: 659-062-1412, 659-475-6195

Bolly Dancing Studio (Mumbai)
Opp Walsinghum House School,
80 Om Dariya Mahal,
Napean Sea Road,
Mumbai 400036
Phone: 91-9821-319102, 91-9821-130788

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