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Everyone’s lives are different, but we can make it better by being healthy not only physically but mentally. It all starts with a positive mindset and this is what Faridie believes in since the start of his fitness journey.

Besides being an ACE certified Personal Trainer, Faridie was formerly a Fitness Trainer with the Singapore Armed Forces coaching trainees and NSMen. He graduated from Republic Polytechnic’s with a Diploma in Sports Coaching and is also a certified Strong By Zumba instructor. His numerous years of experience in coaching group classes has helped his students into achieving their goals.

His favourite class to coach is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). His HIIT classes are a hit (pun intended) with his students as he challenges them to push their limits and rediscover what it is like, to be the best version of themselves.

Come join him at Bolly Dancing Studio for your weekly HIIT fix!


Fantastic classes at fabulous prices!

With classes at assorted times running every day of the week and a range of prices and packages to suit all budgets, your fitness schedule is as flexible as you’ll soon be!

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Bolly Dancing Studio (Mumbai)
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