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Bolly Dazz® Fitness - International Bollywood fitness class that combines cardio and resistance training for a total body workout. Experience fun based, easy to follow dance and fitness routines on 13-14 latest Bollywood numbers that include working out with body weight exercises, lightweight dumbbells (1-2 songs) and resistance tubes (1 song) perfect for losing weight and getting toned!

When can I join? Drop in to this class any time. There is no continuity between any two Bolly Dazz Fitness classes.

BollyDancing Choreo - A choreographed dance class that teaches you basic steps broken down in a way that is very easy to learn. Its a dance routine on fast-paced & most popular Bollywood numbers. Check out the last few choreos on our FB page.

How does the class work? We do one Bollywood song in 2-3 classes spread over 2-3 weeks.

  • WEEK 1 : Mon 6:45pm, Wed 6:40pm(repeat class) and Sun 1pm(repeat class) : First part of the routine.
  • WEEK 2 : Mon 6:45pm, Wed 6:40pm(repeat class) and Sun 1pm(repeat class) : Second part of the routine
  • WEEK 3 : Mon 6:45pm, Wed 6:40pm(repeat class) and Sun 1pm(repeat class) : Third part and Revision of the routine

When can I join? It's best to join when we start a new routine. Please see latest dates below or ask us.

New Bolly Dancing Choreo Routines:


  • Mon 6:45pm - May 21st
  • Wed 7:00pm - May 23rd
  • Sun 1:00pm - May 27th

Next Bolly Dancing Choreo Routines:


  • Mon 6:45pm - Jun 11th
  • Wed 6:40pm - Jun 13th
  • Sun 1:00pm - Jun 17th

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Dear Members Kindly note:

  1. Class bookings can be cancelled 4 hours prior to class start time. Cancellations made less than 4 hours prior to class start time are considered as Late Cancellation.
  2. For Limited Class Packages, No-Shows & Late cancellations are charged.

Online Account Suspension for Unlimited Membership Packages:

  1. In case of a No-Show and/or 4 late cancellations in a month your online account may be suspended temporarily and your future bookings may be cancelled automatically by our booking system.
  2. If you are unable to login we will require you to send us an email to request for account activation.
  3. To avoid cancellation of your future bookings and suspension of your online account, kindly cancel your class 4 hours prior to class start time if there is any change in your schedule to allow other members on wait-list to enjoy their favourite class.
  4. Bolly Dancing Studio reserves the right to cancel your future bookings without prior notice. Terms of use of our online booking system constitutes agreement to our cancellation policy.

The only objective of our policy is to allow all members a fair chance to attend classes while optimizing the studio space. If you have any suggestions with regards to the policy feel free to contact us. We seek your co-operation in providing you with the best of classes and uninterrupted booking services. Thank you and see you soon in the studio!

Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Class MEMBERSHIP give you access to all In-Studio classes & Virtual classes live streamed from Bolly Dancing Studio

Enjoy unlimited classes every month in our studio! Unlimited packages allow upto 2 bookings everyday!

Price & Details
Monthly Payment:$150 1st Payment $300.00 (1st Month Fee + Deposit for 12th Month) Then $150.00 per month, for 10 installments payable at studio.

Effectively $160 per month
Effectively $173 per month

Pay Information

Pay by Bank Transfer

"Bolly Dancing Pte Ltd -
OCBC Bank (7339) 629128695001"

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You can scan to pay with your "PayLah!" or "PayNow" app via "QR code" or pay "UEN 201004417R" or "Paylah 90621412".


The daily limit for the Unlimited packages is for the benefit of all our members. It'll create a more equal opportunity field for everyone and the cap will ensure that everyone gets the chance to attend the classes they really want.

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