Video On Demand

VIDEO ON DEMAND is prerecorded workout videos that you can use to do your workout even if you are traveling, and can't make it to your studio or gym for a scheduled class. You can always work out any time anywhere with Video On Demand.

  • Do the workout at your own time.
  • Follow the instructor on these videos at your own pace.
  • Complete each workout as it suits you, so work your way gradually on the intensity.
  • Each month new playlists (or courses) are released, specifically for you.
  • Once you have the course, you can view it unlimited number of times. You can workout to the same song unlimited number of times!
  • You can choose to complete a course whenever you like before you move to the next level. Once a course is released it is always available.

Fantastic classes at fabulous prices!

With classes at assorted times running every day of the week and a range of prices and packages to suit all budgets, your fitness schedule is as flexible as you’ll soon be!