Originally from Mumbai(Bombay), Bollywood choreographer and Zumba Fitness Instructor Anjali Savla is a pioneer of Bollywood Dancing in Singapore. Founder and Artistic Director of Bolly Dancing Singapore and Co-Director of Bolly Dancing Mumbai, Anjali combines her formal Indian classical dance training with 15 years of contemporary Western dance and fitness experience. Her ‘East Meets West’ dance fusion and unending love for Indian music are appealing to all dance fitness fans and have created awareness about benefits of Bollywood Dance & Zumba Fitness island-wide. Read more



It’s been an incredible journey from being a student to becoming an instructor in Bolly Dancing Studio. I love sharing my passion by teaching and guiding the students here at BDS.

Working with the members of Bolly Dancing Studio is one of the best things ever. The energy, smile and good vibes that comes from the members is the biggest motivation for instructors like me. Bolly Dancing Studio - a place to destress, enjoy, dance, let loose, laugh and push ur limits

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Professions: Choreographer, Dance Teacher

Other Styles: Bollywood/Indian, Hip-Hop, Modern, K-pop, Zumba, KpopX

Personal Details

I love teaching at bolly dancing studio because the impact my students have on my life is equal to that I have on theirs. There is nothing better than helping others find their passion for dance and I love being able to nurture that

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Sejal Bhavinkumar Shah

I am a Passionate dancer and I love Zumba & fitness. Started teaching at Bollydancing studio 3 years ago and love it so far. Every day is cheerful as the owners are motivational and the members are very welcoming and warm. Immensly satisfying to see every member with a big smile and equal enthusiasm to be around. Very happy that I can teach my skills and help members achieve their personal goals while making them laugh , groove and feel comfortable

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Hello! I live in Singapore.I teach Zumba at Bolly Dancing Studio and I love my Saturday class here. I’m also an professional latin ballroom dancer.

I've been a Zumba instructor since 2014 and I absolutely love teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! There’s no reason to wait Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast!



8 years ago I joined the Bolly Dancing team - as an operations personnel - something i love doing(!!!) It was a change for me coming from a hard core banking background - Its my job to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes and I must say that i have enjoyed every minute of being kept on my toes and not just with our dance/fitness classes. 'M lovin' it! 💙💚💜

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supercharged students

  • clear instructions n knee friendly workout. I had a good stretch.

    Halimah -Oxigeno

  • I appreciated the absolutely professional communication before the class, complete with a phone number and what’s app contact in case anything would have gone wrong! I have never seen it done this well! Class was a lot of fun and also very professionally done. Just a bit shorter than it showed on here (50 min vs 60)