Losing Weight the Zumba Way

How can Zumba fitness class at Bolly Dancing Studio help you drop those kilos?

In Zumba, as with so many exercise programs, how soon you see results depends on how much time and energy you’re willing to put in. And that’s what’s great about this dance exercise, you have so much fun doing your dance moves, you don’t realise how much energy you’re burning. Zumba never feels like a chore.

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Dance Moves That Fight Flab!

If you’re going to regular classes you’ll certainly get the 60 minutes of daily exercise that experts recommend. A person weighing around 65 kilos will burn over 500 calories doing 60 minutes of Zumba. And of course, the more intense your movements, the more calories you can lose.

If you attend a one hour Zumba class five times a week, you could burn up to 2,500 calories. This means that within a only three months it is possible to lose a stone provided you are also eating healthily. To guarantee weight loss, you need to watch your calorie intake doesn’t surpass the calories needed to maintain your weight. Of course, Zumba isn’t only good for burning calories. The energetic dance style offers a great cardiovascular workout as well.

Bolly Dancing Studio promises that if you put the work in, your Zumba classes will not only be great fun but will soon see you on the road to a thinner and fitter you.

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