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We help you get fit while making you twist

At Bolly Dancing Studio, you can learn authentic Bollywood dancing as it’s taught in the beating heart of Mumbai where we opened our original Bollywood Dance studio in 1992. We pride on not just offering dance fitness class but a real dance experience - we love to inspire beginners and immerse them in the colour and spectacle of an Indian dance epic.

AAJ SHER KHUL GAYE | Choreography by Anjali Savla

The Class

Learn choreographed Modern Bollywood dance routines on the latest and most popular Bollywood numbers.

Get set for the dance floor by learning fun party dances and dance confidently to any Bollywood song. Modern Bollywood dancing is a fusion of traditional Indian folk rhythms with aspects of hip hop, Latin and jazz dance. The class is popular as a fun activity, perfect for enjoying with friends or family members.

Imagine a high energy Bollywood dance packed in an easy-to-follow routine.

Learn basic steps broken down in a way that is very easy to learn. Participants can simply follow the instructor. Exude confidence. Bollywood dance is all about the expression of joy. It is a type of dance that nearly everyone can pick up, regardless of skill level. Bollywood dance is full of joy, cheer and laughter and is proven to have umpteen physical and mental health benefits.




WED 6:30 PM - Feb 21st
SUN 12:00 PM - Feb 25th



WED 6:30 PM - March 6th
SUN 12:00 PM - March 10th

How does the class work

We do one Bollywood song in 2-3 classes spread over 2-3 weeks.

WEEK 1: Wed 6:30pm and Sun 12:00pm(repeat class) : First part of the routine.

WEEK 2: Wed 6:30pm and Sun 12:00pm(repeat class) : Second part of the routine.

WEEK 3: Wed 6:30pm and Sun 12:00pm(repeat class) : Third part and Revision of the routine.

When can I join? It’s best to join when we start a new routine. Please see latest dates above or ask us.

Body-Isolation Warm up on Bollywood Remixes to improve your fitness performance and gradually condition your body to get you ready for class.

Dance Routine on fast paced & most popular Bollywood numbers with medium to high intensity cardio.

Cool down routine to enhance flexibility, minimize discomfort and allow your body to relax and let your heart rate and breathing return to normal.

Nadiyon Paar | Choreography by Anjali Savla

Part 2 | AAJ SHER KHUL GAYE | Choreography by Anjali Savla | Bolly Dancing Studio Singapore

Main Parwaana | Full Choreography by Anjali Savla | Bolly Dancing Studio

Character Dheela 2.0 | Part 1 | Choreography by Jasmine Savla

Besharam Rang | Pathaan | Part 2 | Choreography by Anjali Savla | Bolly Dancing Studio

Show Me The Thumka | Part 2 | Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar | Choreography by Anjali Savla

Navratri with members at Bolly Dancing Studio | Mehendi Song | Choreography by Anjali Savla

Jai Jai Shiv Shanker - War

Ghungroo song - War

Mera Wala Dance - SIMMBA by Bolly Dancing Studio

Naacho Naacho | RRR| Full Choreography by Anjali Savla | Bolly Dancing Studio

Sakhiyan 20 Full Choreography Anjali Savla

Part 4 Dil Dooba Choreography by Anjali Savla

Seeti Maar Full Choreography by Anjali Savla

Jee Ni Karda Full Choreography by Anjali Savla

Burj Khalifa Full Choreo by Anjali Savla

Nikle Currant Full Choreo By Anjali Savla

Deedar De Chhalaang Full Choreo by Anjali Savla

LOL Full choreo by Anjali Savla Bolly Dancing Studio

Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag Full Choreo by Anjali Savla


Bollywood is India’s – as well as the world’s largest film industry not only in terms of the number of films produced but also the number of tickets sold each year. Bollywood has become so internationally omnipresent because of acclaim received by some of its stars like Shahrukh Khan.

Bollywood movies mean original soundtracks and elaborate dance sequences. One of the primary features of Bollywood films are the songs and dances. A song from a Bollywood film will have its own legacy long after the film is released and sometimes forgotten.

The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time.It is dynamic and has its own signature style which combines the rich texture of India’s many classical and folk dances, fused with elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Latin forms. The international appeal of Bollywood Dancing is huge and the world is fascinated by the exotic, larger than life qualities inherent in it.

Available via Zoom

Our BollyDancing classes are also available virtually and you can access them via Zoom.

We also conduct private lessons for both individuals and groups either at our studio or offsite at your home. If its a performance at a Company gala or at a wedding - we also undertake choreography. We love to put together Bollywood dance based birthdays for both kids and adults complete with props.

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  • Rated 10 out of 10

    It is good, anyone of any age or group can join in and have fun while learning the dance as well keep fit in a fun way.


  • I’ve done classes in studio as well as virtual and they are really fun ! There are many great instructors bringing their own style & lovely vibes….. I like dancing + bollywood, it’s just the right combination.

    I would strongly recommend BDS for someone looking to start workout.

    Diana Dsouza