Wedding Choreography

Prepare for an unforgettable performance for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion

Get everyone out on the dance floor!

There’s hardly a better way to celebrate a new union.

A wedding comes once in a lifetime and planning a dance is hard work - whether it is an entire sangeet choreography or a single dance! Bolly Dancing Studio has everything you need to make it memorable.

We are here to help organise every detail - whether it be a group performance, the couple’s dance, the very special father daughter dance or even solo performances - our wedding dance choreographers will prepare perfect dance routines for your upcoming Wedding!

We make sure to create a performance that suits your personal style and is not overly complex or daunting.

We keep the performances tasteful and ensure that you are comfortable while dancing for your guests.

At Bolly Dancing Studio we choreograph group, couple, solo dance performance for weddings. It can be an entire sangeet dance routine with friends and family, a first dance , a mother son dance, one for the groom and friends, the father daughter dance, the bride and besties routine - our specially deputed wedding teacher can make it all happen.

We have a team of experienced choreographers for wedding dance and have conducted more than 150 wedding dances (Sangeet) in Mumbai & Singapore in the last two decades.

Our wedding choreography prices are very nominal. You can decide to have a simple wedding dance to a single track or any number of combinations of songs. The couple and the people they are dancing with, get to choose the music. It could be a song that was playing during the first date or one that you all enjoyed singing together.

The cost and the number of lessons required depend on the number of songs selected. Usually it takes 2 to 3 sessions to complete 1 song.

At Bolly Dancing Studio we choreograph group/couple/solo dance performance for weddings. We have conducted more than 90 wedding dances (Sangeet) in Mumbai & Singapore in the last two decades.

Lead Couple’s Dance – The bride and groom are the main focus and our choreography is centred around making the couple look elegant.

Complete group dance choreography - Everyone can take part… cousins to grand-parents

The cost and the number of lessons required depend on the number of songs selected. Usually it takes 2 to 3 session to complete 1 song.


We make rehearsals fun - our choreographed wedding dance lessons are engaging.

Wedding dances are such a huge part of the festivities and getting everyone to learn a dance and have fun doing it is just as important. Not everyone in the group can memorise and execute complicated dance routines. Our team at Bolly Dancing Studio - will work with you to find the perfect routine for your special day and your guests.

Our trained and experienced Indian instructor - professional sangeet choreographers - will do their best to compose a sequence for your wedding dance to make it a very special and memorable experience for all the guests attending the wedding.

We will ensure that it is a SIMPLE wedding dance and a FUN wedding dance!

We will utilise your rehearsal time effectively and at the same time create great memories!

Do it your way!

Every dance performance is a reflection of how their dancers want to express themselves so we’ll help you do it your way. Let us know the duration and requirements for your wedding and we can then plan the entire sequence for you using different props and creative ideas.


We specialise in incorporating dances that are vibrant and festive and bring joy to the celebration.


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