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Build A Stronger Team Through Dance & Music

Bolly Dancing’s Team Building Programme consists of interactive team building activities that motivate and unite your team of rockstars in Singapore. Our instructors will introduce the basic principles of Bolly Dancing, which is essentially a series of Bollywood dance moves based on the latest, most popular Bollywood numbers. These routines also infuse some elements of jazz, hip-hop, and Latin dance for a contemporary twist.

Halfway through the session, your team will be asked to choreograph their own dance steps to showcase as a group. Through this fun learning experience, they will form a stronger bond, learn to work as a unit, and participate in a fun, healthy activity together.



Learn the value of teamwork as they come up with a dance routine for their performance.


Discover how to effectively teach new moves to one another.


Get to know their teammates through our interactive dance exercises.

Team Building Sessions



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L'oreal team learn't the dance in just 30 mins

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Programme Details

We normally customise our team bonding activities based on the areas your team needs to improve on, but we mostly kick off our sessions with icebreakers. Once everyone has started to let loose, we introduce easy-to-learn Bolly Dancing steps to help them find their groove. These activities get your team out of the daily grind and unwind. Best of all, we don’t require any dancing experience to join the fun!

To top it all off, your employees will be divided into groups to create their own dance routine to showcase during the finale. We will record this on video so everyone can look back (and maybe even recreate) this enjoyable memory. At Bolly Dancing Studio, we aim to provide meaningful experiences that improve the mindset of your team and build a stronger bond.

Is This Activity Ideal For Your Team?

Yes! Because our activities are perfect for everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet as long as you’re ready to move to the beat. Our activities are suited for all age groups and fitness levels because you just have to follow the instructor. And, to make the Bolly Dancing experience a bit more authentic, we provide props your team can wear and dance with. Who would have thought learning fun dance moves could bring your team together? Sign up for our Bolly Dancing Team Building Programme today!

Team Building With Bolly Dancing Studio

Bolly Dancing Studio is Singapore's specialist in beginners Bollywood dance and Zumba fitness classes, offering a variety of movement-based team development activities, games, and workshops that are perfect for corporate team building in Singapore. Our team building programmes are designed to boost collaboration, unleash creativity, generate more energy, and encourage a fun, positive vibe, all while achieving your company objectives.

Our instructors are passionate about creating a memorable and extraordinary team building event for your company. With Bolly Dancing's Team Building Programme, you're guaranteed a vibrant and unique experience that is tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Whether you're looking to improve communication, foster teamwork, or simply have a fun and engaging event, our corporate team building Singapore programmes are the perfect solution.


Why Bolly Dancing Studio?

We’re not only experts at leading dance fitness classes, but we’ve also run a number of successful corporate programmes in Singapore. During these events, we’ve witnessed teams forming a stronger relationship.

Team Building Concepts

Simply communicate your company objectives to our creative team and they will develop an indoor and/or outdoor activities best suited to your team. Talk to us today to learn more!