Bolly Dazz Tone & Burn


Bolly Dazz TONE & BURN or Bolly Dazz T&B, how we like to call it! After the success of Bolly Dazz Fitness.. American Council on Exercise(ACE) certified Professional and founder Anjali Savla has come up with another program. A workout that perfectly fuses cardio and toning with dumbbells for increased stability and core work.

Bolly Dazz Tone and Burn is a workout routine that includes compound movements. With compound movement exercises we train more than one muscle group at a time maximising your workout. Dumbbell exercises can strengthen every muscle in your legs, back, lats, and traps not forgetting those toned arms.This type of training activates more muscles groups, which leads to an increased lean muscle mass. Your new found muscles will be burning away those excess calories!

We do virtual livestream class for our studio members, non members as well as corporate clients.

Bolly Dazz Tone & Burn sounds great! Let’s get started!


All classes include:

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