Get Toned in Style, with Zumba Toning

Zumba for Toning

Zumba Toning takes this fun dance fitness to the next level, by incorporating weight-training sticks. For beginners we have sticks weighing 1 pound and for regulars we have 2 and a half pounds. She Zumba Toning sticks are shaken along with the beat like a musician using maracas. This adds to the fun and guarantees a great toning workout for arms and upper body. The sticks also increase strength and bone density while the weight brings an extra weight training element to your usual Zumba session.

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Zumba Style

Zumba incorporates many lively musical styles to ensure classes are varied and fun. So you might start with salsa, try some hip-hop, and belt out a belly dance before finishing with a little latin. The combination of resistive exercises, cardio workouts and weight-training, targets all areas of the body including thighs, abs, arms and glutes for weight loss, sculpting and toning. And don’t forget, these classes are suitable for people of all ages and you don’t need any experience – just enthusiasm.

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