Virtual Dance & Fitness Classes

Virtual Dance & Fitness Classes


Virtual Classes have fast become the new mantra of fitness.

For those who hate to miss a class its given them the chance to stay at home and still workout with their friends. Its eased up their busy lives because they dont have to factor in that travel time! Most importantly that In-Studio class that for some last minute plans had to be cancelled can now be done from wherever they are.. no need to cancel because you could not leave work or finish up at home on time!

For those who are not comfortable working out with strangers, who like their privacy or feel shy dancing with others, virtual classes have given them a chance to experiment with dance and fitness privately from home.

In our Fitness classes, we have the following in our kitty:

  • Virtual Bbarreless
  • Virtual Bolly Dazz® Fitness
  • Virtual Bolly Dazz Tone & Burn
  • Virtual BollyDancing Choreo
  • Virtual Zumba +Bolly Dazz® Fitness
  • Virtual Zumba Fitness
  • Virtual Zumba Toning
  • Virtual STRONG Nation

Some Positives of Virtual Classes

  • Convenient for those people who prefer to workout from the comfort of their homes.
  • Convenient for people who prefer not to travel for a class.
  • Convenient for those of us who are shy and not comfortable with a group workout.

What you get from Bolly Dancing Studio's Virtual classes

  • Get access to all classes live streamed from Bolly Dancing Studio
  • Workout to great audio and video quality
  • Join from anywhere in the world, from the safety of your home
  • Affordable prices
  • Zero travel expense


Virtual Class Packages

Virtual MEMBERSHIP give you access to all Virtual classes live streamed from Bolly Dancing Studio

Unlimited Monthly Virtual@BDS
Valid for 1 month

12 in 6 Weeks Virtual@BDS
Valid for 1 month

8 in 1 Month Virtual@BDS
Valid for 30 days from purchase

$12 per class
Valid for 30 days from purchase

What to Prepare for a Livestream Class

Live stream Classes will continue even after the studio reopens for regular In-studio classes. Livestream classes will also be available as part of the corporate and private sessions.

What to do for a Livestream Class:

  1. Register for the chosen class from the Bolly Dancing App or from the Virtual Schedule
  2. You will receive the registration confirmation over email
  3. Download the Zoom App
  4. On the day of your class, you will receive a unique link with password one hour before start time of the class.
  5. About 30 mins before class, you will receive a reminder email with link and password for the class.
  6. Use the link to enter the meeting.
  7. Ensure that the name you use in Zoom is the same as name given in registration, so that we can allow you into the meeting. This is an extra precautionary measure to ensure that only registered participants can view the class.
  8. Pin the instructor's video. When you join the virtual class please go to instructor’s video and on the top right corner of the video click on the 3 dots to select 'PIN Video'.
 By doing that, instructor’s video will be enlarged on your screen for a better experience.
  9. Turn on your your audio & video (the instructor is also alone and likes to see people doing the workout!) Its our chance to connect with you!
  10. Use the group chat....raise your hand if you need any help, if you have any trouble with the video or audio or just give a thumbs up if all is OK. You can also contact us over WhatsApp on +6594756195.


It is recommended that you consult with a physician before starting any exercise program. If you notice any pain or discomfort during the exercise program, stop exercising immediately.


Check out what you need for a specific Virtual Class:

BollyDazz Fitness :
Bolly Dazz® follows an intermittent training format combining cardio and resistance training, alternating high-medium-low intensity exercises, burning more calories per workout.
This class uses 1kg dumbbells (don't have one? use a water bottle!). Or you can just use your fist if you do not have either.. 👊✊

BollyDazz Tone & Burn :
BollyDazz Tone & Burn is a workout routine that includes compound movements. Compound movement exercises simply mean that you are training more than one muscle group at a time.
This class uses 1kg dumbbells (don't have one? use a water bottle!). Or you can just use your fist if you do not have either.. 👊✊

Comfortable workout outfit and sports shoes
Towel to wipe off your sweat
Mat for Floorwork
Water to hydrate
Gloves (optional)
Mop (if you need to, after the workout😅)

Video On Demand

VIDEO ON DEMAND is prerecorded workout videos that you can use to do your workout even if you are traveling, and can't make it to your studio or gym for a scheduled class. You can always work out any time anywhere with Video On Demand.

  • Do the workout at your own time.
  • Follow the instructor on these videos at your own pace.
  • Complete each workout as it suits you, so work your way gradually on the intensity.
  • Each month new playlists (or courses) are released, specifically for you.
  • Once you have the course, you can view it unlimited number of times. You can workout to the same song unlimited number of times!
  • You can choose to complete a course whenever you like before you move to the next level. Once a course is released it is always available.

Virtual Bolly Dazz Fitness Class

Virtual Bbarreless by Cheryl Wong at Bolly Dancing Studio

Virtual Zumba with Zhywee at Bolly Dancing Studio

Virtual Mass BollyDazz Fitness with co-founder Jasmine Savla at Our Tampines Hub

Fantastic classes at fabulous prices!

With classes at assorted times running every day of the week and a range of prices and packages to suit all budgets, your fitness schedule is as flexible as you’ll soon be!