Kids Bollywood Dance Party

Introduce the next generation to the glamourous world of Bollywood with a fun and engaging dance party!

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Are you looking for an exciting, new activity
for your child’s birthday party?

Designed for children of all ages, we entertain kids with exciting, high-energy, and interactive Bollywood Dance parties. All we want to do is entertain the children and get them off their feet and dancing to the music.

Fun for Everyone!

Our Kids Bollywood Dance parties are always a big hit because we get everyone involved on the dance floor. It starts with our experienced and energetic Bollywood Dance instructor, who grabs everyone’s attention and teaches easy-to-follow popular Bollywood dances. Once they have the steps down, the kids follow our instructor through a few songs and suddenly, everyone’s having a great time dancing like Bollywood stars!

From special song requests to colorful props, we’ll ensure your kids have a great time and we’ll even get the parents involved as well!

Make your child’s birthday party a fun and memorable day with a dash of glamour with Bolly Dancing Studio. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you set up the event from start to finish.