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We are Singapore's leading health and fitness provider with clients islandwide. We offer a holistic and integrated approach through our dance & fitness classes. No matter your preference, Bolly Dancing Studio gives you seamless access to a wide range of classes both physical and virtual. We run daily fitness classes and also specialise in fitness events, trainings, mass workouts, team building, corporate classes, School functions, Family Day events.



Bollywood Dance Classes

Authentic Bollywood dancing as it's taught in the heart of Mumbai where we opened our original Bollywood studio in 1992 - a high energy dance with a mix of hip hop, Latin and Jazz and of course a fusion of Indian folk rhythms.

Bollywood Fitness Classes

This modern, high-intensity total body workout burns serious calories with Bollywood dance moves that help with weight loss and muscle tone.

Zumba Fitness Classes

The Zumba dance fitness program starts with slow music and gradually increases intensity over time. This helps you to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular health, and improve coordination and balance

Instructor Training

Move.Learn.Dance inspire.Amplify your career with Bollywood’s hottest fitness program!BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR



All Studio Classes

At the studio, we conduct classes in BollyDancing Choreo, Bolly Dazz Fitness, Bolly Dazz Tone & Burn, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Strong Nation, Zumba+ Bolly Dazz Fitness



One on One Dance/Fitness Session

We offer one on one classes in Dance and Fitness. Ideal for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. Perfectly customised to your needs. Classes can be conducted offsite as well as onsite.

Private Group Dance/Fitness Session

We offer private group classes in Dance and Fitness. Ideal for those who look for classes outside of our regular schedule. Who prefer to workout with known friends and colleagues at their own pace. Perfectly customised to your needs. Classes can be conducted offsite as well as onsite.

Condo Classes

if you are a group of residents who want the convenience of classes at your condo, we are the answer! For kids and adults, both dance and fitness classes in your easily accessible function hall!



All Studio Classes

We provide a variety of dance & fitness sessions. Sessions can be specially curated as per clients’ requirements. We conduct PHYSICAL | VIRTUAL | HYBRID sessions for our clients. PHYSICAL sessions can be conducted offsite or onsite in keeping with current Government guidelines. VIRTUAL Sessions can be conducted via Zoom / Microsoft Teams.

HYBRID sessions can be organised where clients prefer to have the benefit of both experiences and provide an In-person session for some and virtual for some.

Sessions in BollyDancing Choreo | Bolly Dazz Fitness | Bolly Dazz Tone & Burn | Zumba Fitness | Zumba Toning | Strong Nation | Zumba+ Bolly Dazz Fitness | Bbarreless | Yoga | FightDo | PoundFit | Piloxing | Pilates | KPopX Fitness | Trampoline workout | Muay Thai | Bokwa | Body Combat | K-Kardio | Bounce Dancefit | Cardio Hiphop | Cardio Jam | Cardio Kickboxing | HIIT | Hip Hop | Kick Boxing | Masala Bhangra | Megadanz | Oxigeno & More.

Bolly Dancing Studio is registered under Vendors@Gov & GeBiz and also partners with Health Promotion Board and associates for various health promotion shemes run by the Government.



Theme Parties

We offer carefully crafted private partues in Dance and Fitness. An ideal way to celebrate with friends and family. Perfectly customised to your needs comeplete with props! Classes can be conducted offsite as well as onsite, Virtual & Hybrid for both Adults & Children

Wedding Choreography

Prepare that perfect dance routine with us for that upcoming Wedding !Classes can be conducted offsite as well as onsite, Virtual & Hybrid

Performance Training

Put up an elegant performance at a company event, competition, that dance audition.. name the ocassion and we can help you prep for it



Studio Rental

Rent our Fully Equipped Quality Dance Studio in Central Singapore