Prem Mayee

October 13th, 2012

Sometimes, a low cost film starring not too big names has a lot to offer than several big-budget movies. PREM MAYEE, directed by Shekhar S. Jha, is one such film.

PREM MAYEE narrates the story of an IAS officer Shreya Narayan, who gets married to Chandrachur Singh. There are cracks in the marriage and how the woman braves the storms in her personal life and triumphs eventually, forms the crux of the story.

PREM MAYEE begins with a disturbing episode and as it moves forward, the director, who has also penned the script, manages to rake up several questions on the institution of marriage. Though the narrative stagnates in the second hour, albeit slightly, the culmination catches your attention, since the director has handled it with maturity. Shekhar S. Jha is a sensitive storyteller and it shows in his writing and also in a number of sequences.

PREM MAYEE is embellished with fine performances. The film belongs to Shreya Narayan, who handles her part with gusto. Chandrachur Singh is a revelation, he springs a pleasant surprise. His role has negative shades. Sanjay Suri, as always, is efficient. Chitrashi Rawat is a complete natural. Auroshikha Dey is perfect. Murli Sharma's role could've been better defined. Yateen Karyekar is effective in a cameo.

On the whole, PREM MAYEE is an interesting watch. A thought-provoking film that needs to be encouraged!

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