5 strength machines every women should use

January 21st, 2016

Are you one of those women who spends hours on cardio machines each week and refuses to go anywhere near the weight machines at the gym? Do you feel overwhelmed, or even intimidated, by the array of strength machines populated by muscular men? Well the good news that is you’re not alone, and an even better news is that you can easily use these machines like an expert after just a few minutes of training! So take a step from your comfort zone, give these machines a go, and you’ll likely experience greater strength and endurance in no time.

Smith Machine

Basically this machine allows you to do the chest press, an effective way to work out your pectorals and triceps. Getting started is easy - simply lie on the bench with your chest directly beneath the bar. Grab the bar with both ends and straighten your arms to push it upwards. Pull down your elbows slightly below shoulder height, and repeat the process. There’s a system of cables and locks that prevent the weight from falling on you - just place the bar in the nearest set of holes on the frame when things get too intense.

Cable Tower

Unlike other strength machines that lock you in a fixed position, the cable tower allows you to move freely and flexibly with its adjustable cables, and swappable handles. It is considered as a one-stop workout machine since you can easily work various parts of your muscles, especially your core, which has to work overtime to stabilize your body when you pull the cables.

There are many ways to make use of the cable tower. Some of the most popular and effective moves include the biceps curl, where you grab hold of the handle at the end of the cable with your palms up. Then, slowly curl the bar towards your shoulders while keeping elbows close to your sides. Another move is to simply grab the handle with both hands and keep it at chest-height. Then step back from the machine, take a stance, and push the handle directly out in front of you. Hold it for a couple of seconds, and repeat.

Lat Pull-Down

The lat pull-down machine will work your biceps and large muscle groups of the back. Using it is simple: sit on the bench, place your hands on the long bar, and pull it down. However, many people tend to perform lat pull-down workouts in bad form, like pulling the bar down using only their arms, not muscles, and pulling it down way too low to the stomach level. So make sure you grasp the bar with your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and pull the bar just above the chest. The secret to producing best results is to lean back slightly and keep your abs contracted while pulling the bar.

Leg Press

If you’re looking to develop strong and toned hips, lower abs, and legs, then the leg press machine is an all-in-one solution that allows you to do just that. Get started by sitting on the bench amd put your feet on the resistance plates. Then grab hold of the handles on your sides and straighten your legs to push the plates away from the body. Then bend your knees to slowly allow the plates to come back toward your body and then repeat.

A word of advice

Now that you understand how to use these machines, it’ll be easy to incorporate strength trainings into your workout routine. We have a couple of pointers for you to keep in mind, though. First of all, it’s important to adjust the machines to fit your physique and capability. Make sure you keep the seat at a level that you feel comfortable with. Also don’t stack up the weight racks too much or too soon. Let your body ease into it and gradually increase the load over a period of time. If you put these tips to action, you’ll be able to avoid injuries down the line and will soon be on the road to fitness success!

If you want to give the strength machines a go but don’t know where to start, then why not get in touch with our fitness experts. We can help design a strength training program that is safe and effective for you.

Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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