8 common blunders made at the gym

February 17th, 2016

If it isn’t the odd smell in the changing room or the utterly tantalizing proposition of happy hour, then it might be the thought of inevitable post-workout aches and pains that deters one from visiting the gym. Many chalk it up to overdoing it while others see this as sign of growing muscle mass; yet no one seems to realize that they may be making some common mistakes while getting their sweat on (yes, tiny ones still count). So here are a few common gym errors to be aware of during your next visit.

All prepped and ready to go

Be sure to prepare your gym bag the night before. This means your shoes should be in your gym bag and you should put the protein powder in the blender/shaker. Upon completion, the last (and vital) step is to put your bag by the door. Preventing you from forgetting it amidst the hectic morning routines doubling as excuses later on in the day. We all know you can’t imagine yourself working without your lucky hairband.

Fill up the tank

No we’re not talking about cars, but your belly. Those who believe that a 5k run on the treadmill goes best with energy levels fueled by half a banana and a salad are likely to power through their workout. If you plan on heading to gym, fuel properly throughout the day and, get in some protein, to ensure that you won’t collapse in public.

Reap the rewards

After learning that you should fuel up prior to the workout, similarly, one must refuel after the workout. Not only does this strike a biological balance but it also prevents cramping, and body aches and pains from occurring. These can contribute to you wanting to avoid the gym in the future.

Get in formation

To fully maximize each and every work out, one should take some time and come up with a plan as to what they will be doing at the gym. Walking in and heading for the nearest available machine isn’t a plan that ends well. This not only wastes time but it encourages you to use machines you don’t need to reach your goals. After all the inner thigh machine won’t do much for your calorie burn. Once you’ve designed the workout plan that works best for you, sticking to it should be a breeze.

Gyms are a Google-free zone

The gym certainly doesn’t lack sufficient internet connections, but it is best to leave your so-called wealth of information in the locker. Using the internet on your phone or tablet at the gym is a distraction. To maximize your time here, focus on your workout and not your favorite app.

Less is more

We’re not saying cardio is evil, but what is evil is subjecting your body to an hour of cycling after an hour run four times a week. This can hurt your body, leave you exhausted and make you dread going to the gym. The best way to prevent this from setting in is to mix up your exercise routine and not overdo cardio.

Definitely don’t call me maybe

The thought of a muscular, well-toned body that makes you the talk of the town come summer should be enough to keep anyone from answering the phone while they're making it happen. It is best to switch your phone to airplane mode or leave it in your locker completely. Instead of bragging about how great your body will look on the phone, you need to focus on making it happen instead.

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Published with permission from FitnessAdvisory. Source.

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