Channel News Asia features Bolly Dancing Studio

June 9th, 2021


Thank you to Channel News Asia for featuring Bolly Dancing Studio and sharing our views on how we have managed to continue our classes with Mask On. The article "Exercising with your mask on" shows how to tackle your exercise regimen while keeping an eye on your comfort levels at all times.

Read what Mihir has to say, about the changes we have made to make our classes as comfortable as possible given the current guidelines.

Excerpt from the original article : 


At Bolly Dancing Studio, its director Mihir Wani said participants are encouraged to try one class to see if they can cope with exercising with a mask on, and to go easy on themselves.

“We also tell our participants - whatever you are comfortable with, do only that. If you can’t do 100 per cent, listen to your own body and you can modify accordingly,” he said.

“It’s lucky enough that you’re able to do a class in the studio, don’t go full out.”

Mr Wani said that at Bolly Dancing Studio, which offers classes like zumba and Bollywood dancing, some changes have been made to make sessions more comfortable with masks on.

Besides limiting the number of participants to improve ventilation in the studio, it has also reduced the intensity of classes, Mr Wani said.