Employee Wellness with Bolly Dancing Studio

July 6th, 2021

Employee morale and employee health & fitness are of prime importance to any business concern and even more so in such times. This is where we come in. Our dance and fitness programs are great for all shapes, sizes and ages and a perfect way for colleagues to break out of work mode and into an environment that will help them destress and enjoy energetic interaction, a great way to boost morale.

We offer exclusive Virtual Live Stream Group Exercise Sessions for our corporate clients. A variety of fitness classes available for your choosing. From dance-based classes like Zumba and Piloxing to mobility and strengthening classes like Pilates and Barre. Whatever fitness classes you are looking for, you name it, we have it! Each session has a duration of 1 hour. If there are any activities you have in mind but are not in this list or have any requests to suit your company’s needs, contact us so we can assist you to the best of our abilities.

Studies show that staff members who are physically active on a regular basis record less sick days each year and are more energetic, dynamic, and industrious. Investing in the health of your staff pays dividends through improved productivity and goodwill. Physically active staff members are happy staff members.

• Lowering medical insurance and compensation costs through decreased need for medical services
• Increasing productivity
• Lowering absenteeism
• Increasing morale
• Lowering stress

On top of improving the health of your staff, a broad-based Corporate Health and Wellness Program shows your staff members you care about their well-being.
Check out our Corporate Membership Program.